The product is available from March 2021


What is the KlicK board?

KlicK-board  is an innovative plasterboard that is delivered horizontally and that gives you the desired shape quickly and easily by means of a patented unique click section.  KlicK-board enables prefabricated work on external corners of your renovation or building project. This means an enormous saving in labour time!

KlicK-board Benefits


Ready made

  Klick-board enables prefab work on external corners of any renovation  or construction project. A smart and fast way of construction with enormous advantages.

Straight corners

 Klick-board guarantees a sleek and strong angle.

Quick and easy to process

  In 7 Simple steps.


Reduction of materials and working time

  You can create corners, column coverings, coves, conversions, etc. in no time at all. An enormous time and material saving.

Smooth workflow

 Delivered ready made, fast processing. Drying time is a thing of the past.

Various dimensions available

 Available in various standard sizes. Custom made products are available upon request(from 50 pieces).


     7 Simple steps
 (1) Attach the battens to secure the Klick board.
 (2) Cut the Klick-Board to the desired size while it is flat.
 (3) Remove the transport strip from the click profile.
 (4) Click the board, from the outer sides, into the desired angle, column or  frame.
 (5) Gently press along the sides of the click section to ensure that the section is clicked securely anywhere.
 (6) Attach the Klick board to the battens with screws and finish the end seams with joint filler and paper strip.
 (7) The Klick-board can be finished with virtually any decorative material. Please refer to the processing requirements of the relevant products for possible priming.

Specifications & Downloads

   Available in lengths 2.60 metres. Shapes: U and L

   Thickness of the material is 12.5 mm.

   Different versions of plasterboard.

Traditional method vs. KlicK-board    80% more time!

Properties of KlicK-board

Klick board is equipped with one or more plastic ‘klick-profiles’ with transport strip. The transport strip ensures stable and flat transport. After customisation, the transport strip is removed and the board can be folded at right angles and clicked together. This creates a stable and strong outer corner with an integrated corner protection profile.

Great product !

Easy to install !

Benefits for the professional

  • Fast processing and as a result a saving of working time
  • Limited substructure and few screws required
  • Instantly sleek exterior corner without additional action
  • Prefab is one of the possibilities

Benefits for the end user

  • Strong sleek angle
  • No need for plaster
  • Result directly visible
  • Sleek and enduringly beautiful

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